A Guide to the Emotional Development of Your Child

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Most of the people have heard of emotional development, but do not really know what the term refers to. Emotional development stands for a child’s increasing awareness and control of their feelings and how they react to these feelings in a given situation. The emotional development should start at a very early age, so that their interaction with others will help develop them in both social and intellectual ways. Intellectual and emotional development go hand in hand to help the child develop socially, because it is the interaction amongst children and adults that creates a healthy emotional state.

There are some tips that might help you better deal with the emotional development of your child, so that he would have a healthy social and intellectual future. You should be purposeful in guiding the emotional life of your child. This means that you should focus intentionally on his emotional needs. These needs are just as important as his cognitive, physical and spiritual needs. Moreover, you should build a strong bond by spending quality time with your child. This is a positive reinforcement in the emotional development, meaning that the more parents interact with their child from an early stage, the stronger the bonds between them will be.

You should also try to connect to your child to an emotional level. Try to better understand what your child is feeling. Thus, the emotional development of your child will go to a whole new level. For example, if your child is happy, be happy for him, or if your child is sad, cry with him or encourage him to move on. It is a well known fact that children mimic everything that adults do. Therefore, by managing your own emotions in a positive way, your children will also learn to do so as well. Emotional development is also connected with teaching children how to handle negative emotions. It is not an easy task. Children need to be taught how to handle defeat, deal with a conflict or be angry in a healthy way. Children who are taught these skills as early as possible, are better able to handle negative feelings as adults. As you can see, the emotional development is very important for the development of a child and it reflects in how he will act as an adult.

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