Children’s emotional development

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The emotional development of the child is said to begin in the wound as the baby starts to become aware of its surroundings, the noses that it hears and the feelings that the mother is going through. A stressful mother of stressed pregnancy can often lead to having a stress or emotionally unbalanced child. This means that the child may have little or no emotional reactions or the complete opposite which is the child has hyper sensitive emotional reactions. Either way this can lead to social inequities as an adult which may mean that the child growing up is not always in a reality that other people share.

Even during the earliest part of your childhood you senses are aware of the emotions and attitudes of the people around you. This environment has a direct effect on the child which will path a way into the child’s future thinking. Child abuse and neglect can leave a child unsure of the natural ways of living and give them the reasoning that this is the norm for everyone. Later this may result in the child treating their own children with the same disregard but many people after growing up realize that their parents were at fault and strive to treat their children with much more respect.

Emotional expression is a common way of identifying if the child has any unusual signs when it comes to interaction either with other around their age of with parents or adults. Smaller children express their emotions in limited ways but as the child becomes more developed and speech becomes part of the process then the child is able to reach new means of emotional expression.

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