Start early to help your child’s emotional development

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Generally when we are talking about emotional development we are talking about children of a young age however as adults we can still continually work on developing ourselves not only physically and mentally but also emotionally as well. There are many books and workshops that you can attend which will give you great ideas about how to train your emotions so that you feel good about yourself and the people around you every day. Doing some simple exercises with your mind will help you to feel good inside and also find it in yourself to be good to others. The workshops usually are an ongoing event which you can continuously return to until you feel completely happy about yourself. Many of the workshops and the people that run them are always happy for you to volunteer your help once you have found it in yourself to help others. This is usually the first sign that you are starting to walk on the right path of emotional development.

For children the biggest problem is the influence of family and people at their schools who can easily make a happy go lucky child into one that has no idea about the realities of life. The smallest put downs to children will affect them immediately as well as continual abuse through either verbal attacks or physical abuse. Each attack will lower the self esteem of your child or the children around you which will mean that eventually they will have to go through some kind of counseling to help them feel good about themselves and be able to cope with life. Since the beginning of childhood the child’s mind is very impressionable and needs to be nurtured and cared for. If you want your child to feel happy and safe in life then praise and compliments are the best way to go as well as choosing alternative punishments for naughty children such as time outs or denying them dessert. We would all like to think that we have helped our child develop as best they can so in doing this easiest path is to walk away when you are angry and then deal with the child once you have calmed yourself down.

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