Emotional Development And NLP

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The emotional development starts even before we are born. The relationship that the baby has with his mother begins from the intrauterine life. After a few months of pregnancy, the little baby can hear and recognise the voice of his mother. Although he is not born yet, has this extraordinary ability. These many seem small things, but they are the start of what will be a closer relationship between the mother and her child. After birth, the emotional development of the baby continues. To be a positive emotional development, the little one has to stay with his mother soon after delivery. It will help him calm and feel safe. It is one of the most complex things that take place and is also one of the most important steps for a healthy emotional development of the baby.

Nonetheless, this is just the start of a more complicated emotional development process. Our emotional development goes on all our lives, but the most important phases take place during childhood. The family has the most important role and influence. Neuro-linguistic programming is a relatively new field, claiming that our emotional development consist of behavioural patterns that we have learned throughout time, but we can choose our emotions. This is a new and very interesting approach on emotional development that was created in the ’70s, but since then a lot of new things have been discovered and more and more people are interested in this field.

NLP is not recognised by many specialists as there are no scientific evidence and misleading terms and concepts. Nevertheless, many people believe that this new approach is helping them with their emotional development. A lot of books about emotional development and this new field have been published, some of them being very successful, while others very criticised. It is sure that the emotional development is the “engine” of our lives and we have to pay a lot of attention to it and to how it develops. It is a very delicate problem and many emotional problems start during childhood, so parents should also be very responsible.

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