Emotional Development – First School Year

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Children going to school for the first time go through a series of stages and emotions. There are many factors that influence this event and that can make it either easy or difficult for the child. It is very important that you handle the emotional development of your children prior to enrolling them in school. As a new step in their young lives, the first year of school can bring a variety of new factors and elements into the lives of the little ones. In order to make sure that this does not become a traumatic event, you have to check their emotional development before and throughout the year.

There are many factors which will affect the emotional development during the first school year. To start off, you have to think about what you are going to tell them about school and the way other explain this new stage. If anyone will tell your child that school is hard and that there are mean children and so on, the child might have a negative emotional development around the idea. Leaving from the start with a negative impression over this stage can only create problems for the children throughout the first year and even until they finish school. Another factor that can influence the emotional development related to the first year of school is the medium. The children have to be stimulated from home to like school and appreciate the learning programs that they are enrolled in. However, there are factors of the emotional development that you cannot control. For example, if the first grade teacher is more severe and mean to the children, their development will surely be affected by this. On the same note, if the other children are cruel, they can create damage to the normal emotional development.

In the first year of school, the emotional development built up can affect the rest of your children’s lives in a good or in a bad way. This means that you have to pay a great deal of attention to the changes presented by the children throughout the year.

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