Emotional Development in Middle Childhood

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For a child to grow properly, it takes both physical and emotional development. While many parents are concerned with the physical development of their children, they should also pay a great deal of attention to the emotional development as well, because it is highly important. In middle childhood, the emotional development of your children will basically influence the way in which they will think, feel and act later in their life. Middle childhood is considered to be the period of seven to eight year old, and it represents a critic emotional development stage.

This is because children will start school, so they will come in contact with new classmates and teachers as well. As a result, they have more responsibilities, and the way in which they think is starting to change. It is thus very important to properly understand this stage of the emotional development of your child. Do not be surprised if your children will pay more attention to the opinions of their classmates and if they will start to feel the competition’s pressure. You could actually help your children a lot regarding their emotional development, because during this stage, they will need an adult who will support them and plan all kind of activities with them. For example, in this emotional development stage, you could have fun by playing exciting, but challenging games. You could also take some time to talk with each other, to watch TV, or to do any other bonding activities.

Remember though that in middle childhood, children would also want to feel like they are given more credit, and that they are a little bit more independent. Supporting your children, providing them with guidance, rules and limits, is also crucial in this emotional development stage, because they also need to be controlled. In middle childhood, the key to a proper emotional development is finding a balance between the love, attention and support that children need, the encouragement, and the required boundaries as well. Remember though that there is a thin line between boundaries and criticism, so make sure that you do not cross it if you want your children to have the best emotional development in middle childhood.

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