Emotional Development Should Not Be Underestimated

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Emotional development is an important thing for becoming responsible and psychologically mature adults. Usually, we think that money, a shelter, food and clothes are the only things we need to grow up and to have a wonderful life, but these are not enough. Emotional development is also very important. Actually, emotional development is the main source of influence that will continue all of our lives. So, it is time to stop being so superficial, but more focused on emotional development. Any child has to receive as much affection as he needs in order to have a healthy emotional development. There are many signs that babies can send to their parents, so even since an early age, children start to develop their emotional development.

Children go through different emotional development stages, each stage being very important and there are many signs that a child uses to communicate with us such as smiling, crying, moving in different ways, looking at us and parents have to be very responsible and to know how to react. There are many theories about emotional development, which is a new field, but its importance increases day by day. Social learning theory, differential emotion theory and social constructionism seem to explain what happens during the complex emotional development process. 

Emotional development refers to a child’s capacity of expressing his own feelings, thoughts, opinions about many things, even about himself. Plus, it also means the way in which a child interacts with other people. These things are very important as  they help a child become independent. Babies begin to socialize and to learn as soon as they are born and each emotional development stage is very important for their proper psychological development. Month after month and year after year, our children change, but parents have to be very well informed about what happens during each stage and to know what to do. Parents do not have to underestimate their babies, thinking that they are too small. Their emotions can be expressed through a wide range of ways, so the parents have to pay a lot of attention and to be very responsible because they are the adults who already have a life experience.

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