Emotional development

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Developing the children’s minds as well as their bodies takes more effort on behalf of the adults you are looking after the child; usually in most cases it is the parents. If you nurture the children enough they will develop not only a strong sense of independence for thinking for themselves but you will also help to develop their emotional needs for dealing with the problems encountered in life. A child that is over stimulated or under stimulated when it comes to emotional development will eventually develop emotional problems which can cause them and other people harm.

The school councilor and physiologist who represents the government schools will often overlook emotional under development in students because it is difficult to place and detect. Many of the top students have problem even though their grades do not show this but their lives are not what they seem from the outside. A lot of the teenagers are put under huge amounts of pressure to pass their courses even to the point of being threatened to be kicked out of home. Parents need to encourage and help their children, not alienate them and make them feel powerless.

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