Looking for emotional development in children

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Many people think that emotional development is the ability to go through a wide range of emotions such as anger, pity and joy however there are more objectives to this kind of development. The overall development of emotions has also to do with controlling these emotions and putting them to good use for a favorable outcome. Children do not know about the grieving process because the words involved with death are a new concept to them. When parents split up and get a divorced the children know that there is a difficult time going on but they are unaware that their feelings of sadness are coming from this development. Tiny children have very little emotional development because their minds have not yet completely developed properly so often you will find that the smaller children age 2 and 3 years old miss out on what is happening around them which is sometimes said to be better than children aged 4 to 8 years that know what is happening but have no control over how they feel about any particular situation.

By getting involved with your children and helping to explain what is happening in a positive and simplistic way you can help them get through their early stages of emotional development especially when difficult times are happening around the children. It is during these times that you must be aware that everything the child inputs from you and outside sources will influence their ability of developing more emotional range in the future. By using a variety of resources you can help to develop the children’s positive aspects to life no matter how difficult their journey through life starts out. By developing their emotions early you will be able to help the children later in life where they will be able to make more informed decisions about what is happening around them.

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