Parents Influence Their Children Emotional Development

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Air, food, water, security are not all we are influenced by. Emotional development is a field that began to be very studied during the last years. Emotional development is a very debated field today and a lot of studies have been made. Emotional development starts since childhood and parents have a huge responsibility. Children are too small to have a version of their future, so their parents have to take control. Psychologists came to the conclusion that a child faces several emotional development stages. Every stage is very important for the psychological development of our kids. If they have a good emotional development, without too many problems, they will be responsible adults that will get to know themselves very well and they will also be able to empathize with others.

School has a very important role as well as the teachers. Children’s family, life experiences they have, the troubles they face, the beliefs they have, are influencing the emotional development. As parents, we usually see only the student, but we do not see the personality of our child. We do not get to know our children well enough and they do the same thing. Communication is one of the first steps that helps the emotional development. Getting as closer as possible, will make our children trust us and they will have a good emotional development. Social and emotional development are very important for being part of society and for having a normal life.

We will know many people and we have to be able to adapt to them, to communicate with them or to build something together. A good social and emotional development is healthy, is normal, is what anyone needs. Every age has its own emotional development stages and important things happen. Without these stages, we would not be able to become mature and to find out who we are. It is also important to know that every child is different from others. Our child may have common features with others, but anyone of us is unique. Parents have a huge responsibility and some of them are not even aware that they have to take action and adapt to the emotional development of their children.

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