Raising A Happy Baby

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The emotional development of your child is very important from the moment you bring your baby to the world. In his first year, he mainly needs you to be there for him and to offer him not only love, but also comfort, confidence and encouragement. It is very important to communicate with your bundle of joy from the first moment, because you will influence his development. There are certain things you need to do for your baby in the first year of his life. One of the most important is to offer him responsive care and to pay attention to his needs. Be attentive to his language and learn what he is trying to say to you. Even if he will use no words, he will try to establish communication with you, as a mother. Build a relationship with him from the beginning. Bond with him and support him to develop his skills. For him, the world is a new place and he has to explore it in order to get to know it. Encourage him and teach him to overcome the challenges successfully.

Try to stay focused on his joys and share them with him. He will make a lot of discoveries in his first year and you need to be there to support him. Offer your baby help when he tries something new. At some point he will try to raise so-called buildings with his toys. Offer him all the the support and be active next to him. Spend with him as much time as you can and be affectionate. Show him your love through all the activities you two have, because this will encourage him. He will know that you are there for him no matter what new things he tries.

If you will show him unconditional love, he will feel safe and secure. Help him understand better your environment through music and images and in the same time show him affection. For a healthy emotional development, he needs to feel loved and to know that he can turn to mom for care and security anytime . Hug him, kiss him and hold him in your arms as much as possible. This will make your baby very confident because he will know you will always be there for him. Be being by his side all the time, you can be sure you will raise a happy baby.

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