Social and Emotional Development

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As we grow older we find that we develop in many different ways. Of course, our bodies develop quite dramatically as we age. As we go through puberty our bodies become very different; we become a lot more muscular, girls develop breasts, boys gain chest and facial hair and voices deepen. These are all physical developments that occur because of the hormones that our body produces as we grow up.

Development of our social and emotional skills, however, do not come so naturally to us and only develop properly through experience and social interaction. We never truly know how we are going to react to a certain experience until we have been through it. We can look at various events and speculate as to what we would do in that situation but we don’t know until it happens. It is through this experience that we mature our emotions; no longer crying when we don’t get our own way, for example. Social development occurs when we engage in social interaction with others. Again, this is something we pick up through experience; we learn when it is ok to say certain things and begin to learn that other people react differently to certain things you say (you will have experienced this sort of thing whenever you’ve told a joke that has fallen flat). This development is perfectly normal and helps to enrich your life by ensuring that you learn about others, making you a much better rounded person in the long term.

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