Stages of Emotional Development: Early Adulthood

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The emotional development of an individual is a process which starts in the early years and continues throughout his entire life. Numerous changes occur during the years and since infancy till becoming an adult, a child is under numerous influences in his daily life. The emotional development of a person is a long lasting process that takes years. And naturally, it continues through adulthood. The early adulthood is the period of time between 17 and 24 years old. This is a determinant and very important period in the life of all individuals, as this is the time when many changes occur. The student finishes school and starts developing a career. There are two main plans on which an individual will search fulfillment, including professional and personal life.

In early adulthood the individual will enter workforce and will be willing to strengthen romantic relationships. Defining goals in life is an important step in the emotional development of the young adult. Although each individual is unique and every single person makes different choices, numerous aspects linked to emotional development remain the same in all cases. One of the most common preoccupations of the young adult will be searching for romantic love and developing a satisfying relationship. This is an important way in which self-esteem can be improved. Emotional attachment to another person is a common aspect of emotional development in early adulthood. Unsatisfying relationships will lead to mistrust and a cold emotional connection. Naturally, more serious issues can raise from here, including infidelity problems and addictions to various substances including alcohol.

Leaving home is an important step into the emotional development of a young adult. To gain full independence and be able to leave home, young adults are willing to make all kind of sacrifices, including financial ones. A self-reliance feeling will be experienced now. Leaving home is a result of emotional development and growth. Career development is another important factor determining the general emotional development of a person. Success or failure will have a huge impact on the social and emotional development of a person. All individuals establish their own goals for different periods of time. Positive attributes such as independence, self-confidence and trust, will lead to a normal emotional development.

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