Stages Of Emotional Development: Early Childhood

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Many people seem to not be aware of this aspect, but children’s development includes both social and emotional development. Since their birth, till they become adults, children constantly learn and use the world and its elements to form their personalities. Although we cannot say that there is a huge difference, when it comes to its importance, between the development of a child from the physical point of view and the emotional one, many parents make the mistake to only focus on the first one, and ignore the aspects that can be linked to the second one, mostly because of their lack of knowledge on this area. Anyway, another important aspect that parents should be aware of when it comes to physical and emotional development is that all children are going to evolve in their own, unique way.

For example, parents need to know that for their emotional development, crying is a normal thing at babies. Babies try to adapt to the world and they need to see smiles, they need to be cuddled and when they start to recognize the people around them, at about two to three months, they start smiling back. For the emotional development of a baby it is very important to see parents smiling at them. At about four to six months, babies are able to recognize people and this is why they become more agitated when there are strangers near them. They can be easily calmed down when they are picked up and they usually start laughing and smiling when they feel safe. Parents should know that such a behavior is normal for a baby’s emotional development. After 12 months, babies begin showing negative emotions and they start refusing some things. The social and emotional development of your baby is a very normal one if he starts refusing eating some foods. If the child cries when seeing the closest person, such as the mother, leaving, you should not imagine that there is something wrong with the baby.

The emotional development of a child in early childhood is going to be a normal one if the baby starts expressing feelings of sadness and fear starting with the age of one. At two years, a child is going to pretty much show his personality. He can be really selfish, so if the kid refuses to share something with a sibling, that fact is a very normal one in his emotional development. The kid will become more independent in time, and this aspect will only evolve as the emotional development of the child is completed. Being aware of these principles of emotional development in early childhood is very important and parents should not ignore them, to make sure that they will help their children form their own personalities.

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