Stages of Emotional Development: School Years

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One of the most important stages in the emotional development of a child is represented by the school years. Similar to the adolescence, the beginning of school means a period of many changes for a child. This is when a young child will learn how to move from his play years to competency, entering a new environment, a demanding and formal one.

This stage of emotional development begins at the age of 6 and continues until the age of 12. School years, or the competency stage of emotional development, follow the play stage when children begin changing fantasy with active play and become more sociable. In the play stage of the emotional development, children also become proud of their own achievements, aspect which will continue to increase in the following years. Well, during the competency emotional development, children will continue the transition from fantasy to games, evolving to group activities or even sports. This is the period when kids begin to understand which are the bad and the good choices, experiencing the quit feeling. As during this stage of emotional development children also begin school, which can actually come as a shock for them, they will first enter into contact with formal regulations and will learn how to respect them, but also how to relate to the people in this new environment.

Starting with the age of 5, so during this stage of emotional development, children will also learn how to keep secrets and how to express their own emotions. However, keep in mind the fact that every child has his own social and emotional development, manifesting this behavior sooner or later. Starting with the age of 7 or 8, children will become more aware of their own feelings, desires or even thoughts, expressing even better emotions. This is part of the normal emotional development of your child, so you should not worry at all if your children start comparing themselves or their results with school colleagues or their friends. If they are not able to obtain similar results, children will begin to be concerned about their own abilities and capacities. As the academic preparedness of your child will continue, so will his emotional development until reaching the period of changes and struggles, naturally the adolescence.

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