Teenage Boys And Their Emotional Behavior

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Just as in the case of teenage girls, boys can have their very own issues in this age period. One clear fact is that the adolescence is a highly influential moment for boys and girls. Therefore, their parents have to be careful with their teenage children, so that they can monitor their emotional development in the proper way. It is important for young boys to understand this period and to have the full support of his parents, especially the one of the fathers, as they may have comfort issues in relation to their mothers about their new found feelings.


One of the main distresses that causes an imbalance in the emotional development in teenage boys is actually connected to another type of development – the physical one. Since this is the age in which the body matures and goes through a lot of transformations, many young boys can feel like they have been left behind in the process by other boys of their age. Some may become very tall, others may remain short. Regardless of the situation, being the shortest one or the tallest one in school, for example, can be really hard for a boy, especially if the others are teasing him about it.

Parents should start by explaining the ways in which people physically develop from a younger age. Through this, the boys will mature with the idea that all people start growing and maturing at a certain age, but that this process is not the same for all of them. They should also be aware of the fact that there is nothing wrong with them or with the others, if they look differently. These talks will help boys understand the fact that they should not mock someone who is different, but also that they should not be affected by others’ mockeries.


Another issue that is connected with the emotions felt by boys at this age is the attraction to girls. This is always a reason for bullying and for teasing in schools, as there is always one boy left who has not kissed a girl so far, for example. In this case, again the boy will need someone to talk to, someone that will know how to comfort them and how to help them respond and, eventually, how to actually end up kissing a girl he likes.


Violence is the final aspect that should be considered in the case of teenage boys. In the past few years, numerous cases of violence among young girls have surfaced, surpassing the number of incidents in which boys where involved. However, this does not mean that these violent acts do not happen anymore. There are two sides in this situation, as the boy may be the one who acts violently or the one upon which it is violently acted by others.

Parents should pay attention to the way in which their boys conduct their actions on a daily basis, so that they can notice the signs of changes, which can unveil the fact that their children may have started to be bullies or victims. Computer games and television programs filled with violence should be avoided. However, you also have to explain that violence is not the solution and that if they are victims, they must talk to you, so that they will be able to understand these normal facts from the start.


In all these cases, parents must find the best way to have their sons communicate with them. This should be the main concern as a parent, as you cannot fix an issue if you do not know about it. More to this, you may be informed about these problems by other people, which will lead to an even more complex situation. Make sure that your teenage boys considers the two of you as his friends and that he can tell you anything. In addition to this, you should also be sure that your reactions are appropriate. From the combination of these two aspects, you will be able to find out if the emotional development of your teenage boy has taken a wrong turn or not and, if yes, how exactly you can fix it.

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